Pay-per-Click Campaigns

If your website does not generate new prospects or sales every day for you, it is in fact a liability and not an asset. Why? Because you are expending money to maintain it and your potential customers are visiting your competitor’s website, which costs you money in both cases.

Creating low-cost, high-impact, pay-per-click campaigns with immediate response.

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In ADE Consultoría, we have specialized in creating low-cost, high-impact, pay-per-click campaigns with immediate response, attracting qualified prospects to your business. In addition, we help you integrate this powerful tool into your company’s sales process, therefore increasing generation of opportunities and, with proper follow-up, closing sales.

In this manner, we allow your website to add to, and not subtract from your business.

We are Google Partners, which means we are certified experts in creating pay-per-click campaigns.

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Nowadays, Internet is one of the most effective and accessible means to advertise your company and generate new customers for your business every day.


  • Because millions of people may find on the Internet the goods and services offered by your company and know them.
  • Because only in Mexico, there are more than 40 million users with Internet access, which places us in ranking 8 in the world.
  • Because Internet is the second most influential means of communication when it comes to purchasers making decisions.
  • Because it is an inexpensive means to make advertising efforts with tangible results.

In ADE, we are devoted to increase your sales through Internet marketing strategies with immediate response, generating new prospects every day, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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